Cocktail Dresses - A Must in Your Fashion Wish List

Being aware about recent trends always helps you add a little variation and zing to your dressing style. Cocktail dresses are the new fad and their essence has always complemented the innate charm of women. There are a variety of cocktail dress styles that are a part of the recent trend. They are generally shorter in length than the normal gowns and usually worn for evening parties. The little black cocktail dress is a must in every fashion conscious woman's closet these days. They are not just stylish but also utilitarian; they come in handy for all kind of occasions. Short dresses are a boon for women; especially the one's who socialize a lot, working women who need to go out pretty often, the one's who are into networking etc. Right from shiny satin to chic chiffon, from jazzy jerseys to charismatic cottons; there are options galore and the contemporary woman should consider herself lucky and make the most of this ongoing fashion revolution.
There are a variety of new styles that would help you create an individual statement of your own. Some of them are;
Ruffled hem: Dresses with ruffled hem are truly the new fad. The kind of effervescence this kind of a pattern imparts to your personality can't be expressed in words. This style has struck a chord with a lot of women lately who have a penchant for trying new styles.
Deep V necklines: This sensual pattern is for women who don't mind flaunting a little. The deep v neckline style makes you look like a stunner and it just makes you attire perfect for flaunting in a grand cocktail shindig.
Full Skirted dresses: Full skirted dresses are generally a little voluminous and are gathered at the waistline. They are generally breathable and add a nice feminine touch to your persona. Team it up pretty stone studded stilettos and sparkly accessories and you will be all set to sashay around with supreme confidence.
Roche style: The kind of glamor a ruche texture imparts is unmatchable. It gives the whole attire a very bohemian feel. You can try wearing a ruche dress with a brooch studded at the center of the bust or a bow applique on the bodice.
Asymmetrical hem: The name itself is self explanatory. This style is sure to appeal women who want to break away from traditional patterns and try something new. It's high on the fashion quotient and you can don it without looking weird. Handkerchief hem and diagonally cut hemlines are patterns which you can add in your wish list without any inhibitions.
Familiarize yourself with current trends, be aware of your body type and do not hesitate in trying dresses with new features. Modern innovations become redundant when they are not used, tried or experimented. Make the most of new creations thronging the fashion arena and you are sure to grab the spotlight.

By Alica Bacon