Evening Shawls - Your Fashion Emergency Insurance

Most of us have run into a fashion emergency at one time or another. You know the type-you receive an invitation to a formal dinner party that's two weeks away. There you stand, scanning your memory for something, anything that might be dangling in the dark recesses of your closet. There's always that standard black dress that has kept the back of your closet company for the past three years; the one that always serves as backup in these fashionably desperate situations. But, it's late summer and black is boring. Bright colors are a natural, necessary complement to the cheerful evening ahead. Thankfully, this is where the most versatile accessory comes in to save your day-evening shawls!
From what you can remember, that little black dress has a gorgeous scooped back and a not-so humble front cut. The style will surely create a few admirers; but it won't be practical on a cool and breezy summer evening. In a pinch, that cream-colored cardigan you wore last winter could be tossed over the dress for added warmth. But, do you really want to cover that little black number up with anything that could be suspected of being a cold-weather emergency blanket?
It's time to splurge. Go to Fashion Scarvesand Shawls online, and discover what beckons for your immediate attention? Some of the most gorgeous colors tempt you. You've discovered a true fashion playground! You have choices upon choices, each more tempting than the other.
Which color will go best with your features, your skin tone, and your personality? Maybe golden hues for a sun-kissed look or, perhaps red tones to create a more passionate effect. Jazzing up the black dress will be easy with all the pattern choices lying before you. Flowing from the pages are pashmina, silk and cashmere shawls with multihued glitz, eclectic block prints, and elegant embroidered designs. All attract a favorable harmony with your spirit.
It's time to buy. You've flipped through enough fashion magazines to know the perfect color and the most flattering design. With impulse you click "the add to cart" button for your new evening shawls and take ownership over it. This finely woven piece of art is light enough to flow and yet strong enough to protect your skin from any evening chill. You will be elegant and warm in your new wrap!
With this new brilliant fashion companion in hand, you are safe to drag that dress out from the deep abyss of countless other lonely clothes hanging precariously on the closet rack with it, feeling confident that you will look fabulously chic. As you stare at your reflection in the mirror right before slipping out the door, you are thrilled with your beautiful evening shawls. Your fashion emergency has just been solved. Regardless of its age, however timeless that may be, that little black dress with the slinky back and scoop neck-line has renewed life when paired up with the most perfect fashion companion of all times! New evening shawls in different colors and textures.

By Meryl Rougeaux