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Eco Friendly Leggings for Fall 2010

Okay, no doubt you already have leggings, but if you just decided to go green you may not have a stock of eco leggings. However, that oversight is easily fixed with these Nixxi leggings made of 66% Viscose from Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 6% Stretch. You can catch these and other eco clothing items on sale now on Nimli.com. And they won't break the bank; these nixxi eco leggings are just $40.

Leggings will definitely be around another season and you'll want to expand your eco clothing selections to include this most versatile of fashion items to layer under tunics, shorts, skirts and dresses. Stock up. http://www.nimli.com
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Eco Friendly Leggings for Fall 2010
Eco Friendly Leggings for Fall 2010
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